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• Cinema audiences have what you want: discretionary income and the extra time to relax and enjoy a movie! No one has to go to the movies. Our audiences want to be there. They are in a good mood, open and receptive to your message.

• Studies show that retention of advertisements in movie theaters is many times higher than advertisements on television.

• Customers sitting in a darkened theatre overwhelmingly enjoy and prefer the diversion of watching advertisements before the movie begins.

• Each year over 150,000 people attend the movies in Jackson Hole! That’s 150,000 potential customers!

• Your ad will play 3-4 times in the 15-20 minutes before each movie on Jackson’s seven movie screens. That’s roughly 2000 times a month!

• Movie advertising works! It’s one of the fastest growing facets of the movie business today. It’s accepted and expected by audiences.


Visit the Silver Screen Advertising website to answer all (or most) of your questions about advertising at the Jackson Hole Cinemas.

If the Internet isn't your thing, give us a call at 307-733-6939.

Visit the Silver Screen Advertising website

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