MovieWorks Cinema

MovieWorks Cinema is an independently owned movie theatre located towards the southern end of the town of Jackson, Wyoming at 860 S US Hwy 89. The MovieWorks Cinema features luxury recliners and all-digital projection! Enjoy delicious REAL® buttered popcorn, fountain drinks, candies and icy slushies. Acres of free and convenient parking!

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Find us at 860 South Highway 89 Jackson, WY 83001
Email (for the fastest response) movies@jhmovieworks.com
Business Office 307-733-6939
Mailing Address PO Box 6308, Jackson, WY 83002
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In order for everyone to enjoy the show, please...

• No outside food or drink.
• Be courteous. Silence cell phones.
• No smoking (including e-cigarettes).
• No backpacks. All bags subject to search.
• Weapons prohibited.
Thank you and enjoy the movie!

Lost & Found

Our Lost & Found bins can be filled with all kinds of things – cell phones, credit cards, wallets, glasses, keys, hats, gloves, jackets, pillows, and even the occasional sock.

The fastest way to be reunited with your item is to visit the MovieWorks at your earliest convenience. At the box office ask if they have your item. Sometimes items get lost in our comfy seats and require an inspection in the auditorium. This can not be done if there is another show in progress, so be prepared to leave a description of your item, what movie and showtime you were at, along with your seat number.

If returning to MovieWorks to inquire about your item isn't an option for you, please email movies@jhmovieworks.com or call the business office at 307-733-6939 and leave a description of your item, what movie and showtime you were at, your seat number, and a contact name and phone number.

In the words of Mary Poppins, "Well maybe all the things that you love so, are waiting in the place where the lost things go."