Welcome to the MovieWorks Cinema Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have a question that’s not answered below, please email us at movies@JHmovieworks.com.

All seats are luxury recliners. Seating is assigned — when you purchase your tickets you will pick your seats.

Yes, in fact we recommend purchasing tickets online. That way it's only a quick stop at the box office to grab your tickets when you come in and you guarantee your seat! Also, it is super easy: just select the movie you want to see, hover over the time you prefer, and the word “BUY” will appear. Click it and you’re on your way!

No, however we do recommend purchasing tickets online so your seat and showtime are guaranteed. There are always exceptions, but outside of weekends and holidays we usually have great seats available for walk-up customers.

Row A is always the front. When you purchase tickets online, the front of the auditorium is delineated with a black bar labeled CINEMA SCREEN.

Tickets purchased online are non-refundable. That being said, refunds and exchanges are available in person at the MovieWorks Cinema before the showtime and date on that ticket. Refunds and exchanges will not be provided for sold out shows OR after the showtime and date specified on the ticket. Tickets purchased online can ONLY be used for the specific time, date, and movie title they were originally purchased for. No exceptions! You may email us to exchange tickets for a different showtime at least 8 hours before showtime. We do not guarantee any exchanges or swaps within 8 hours of the showtime, unless done in person at the box office. Please email movies@jhmovieworks.com with your name, online confirmation information, the day & showtime you would like to switch to, and contact phone number. DO NOT CALL THE BUSINESS OFFICE with these requests. If you email us within 8 hours of your booked showtime, we do not guarantee that we will be able to swap your booking. If the original booking day/show has passed, you will not be able to swap tickets. Service fees for online ticket purchases are not refundable.

The answer is "probably". Let us explain. Online ticket sales close 40 minutes before each showtime so that ticket sales at the door are not interrupted by people browsing seats online. More often than not, we still have tickets available. However, on opening weekends, rainy Sunday afternoons, or holidays, maybe we don't. You could chance it and visit the box office of the MovieWorks. Or choose a future showtime so your seats are guaranteed.

Yes. The service fee covers the external costs of online financial transactions.

Online ticket purchases can be looked up by name, confirmation number, or credit card number at the box office. You can also email us at movies@jhmovieworks.com to inquire about getting a new confirmation emailed to you. Prior to contacting us, please check your spam folder.

Never! We are open 365 days a year! We post our upcoming movie showtimes by Tuesday afternoon each week.

Yes! We get all sorts of items from earrings to socks. The fastest way to be reunited with your item is to visit the MovieWorks at your earliest convenience. At the box office ask if they have your item. Sometimes items get lost in our comfy seats and require an inspection in the auditorium. This can not be done if there is another show in progress, so be prepared to leave a description of your item, what movie and showtime you were at, along with your seat number. If returning to MovieWorks to inquire about your item isn't an option for you, please email movies@jhmovieworks.com or call the business office at 307-733-6939 and leave a description of your item, what movie and showtime you were at, your seat number, and a contact name and phone number. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or forgotten items on the theater grounds.

Senior citizen age is 62 and over. Senior citizen customers enjoy $10 tickets to any show. An additional discount is given to all customers (including seniors) on Discount Tuesdays.

Child age ranges from 3-11 years old. 2 and under are free unless they require their own seat.

No, for the health and safety of all our patrons, pets are not allowed. Service animals are allowed. Please be prepared to show appropriate documentation for your service animal.

No. The MovieWorks Cinema is independently (and locally!) owned and operated.

You can purchase up to ten tickets in one online transaction.

At the box office, we accept cash, Jackson Hole Cinemas Gift Cards and Movie Passes, and all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover). Online orders can be paid with a Jackson Hole Cinemas Gift Card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Sorry, we DO NOT take ApplePay.

No, Movie Passes are like cash and must be used at the box office.

No! "NO PASSES" means you can not use a Movie Pass to purchase a ticket. When a show is sold out there will be a line through the showtime OR the internet will inform you that there are no more seats available after you click on the showtime.

We open 30 minutes before the first show of the day. Generally, on weekdays our hours are 4:00PM - 9:30PM, and 1:00PM- 9:30PM on weekends.

We post the upcoming movie schedule by Tuesday afternoon each week. When possible, we also post the showtimes for future movies with sneak previews! So, if you don't see any movies listed for the weekend yet, not to worry — the showtimes will be available by Tuesday, at the latest!

Each movie is booked for one week at a time. Most movies have a two week minimum, but not all. The length of time a movie will show depends largely on the movie’s popularity and other scheduled releases. We generally find out by Tuesday afternoon what will be playing for the week ahead. Films and showtimes are posted by Tuesday afternoon, at the latest.

No. We have concession items available for purchase. Our concession stand features freshly popped popcorn that's salted to perfection and topped with REAL® Butter. Pair that with an ice cold fountain Coca-Cola and you have the perfect movie watching snack. We offer an assortment of candy from M&Ms to Sour Punch Straws. Need more substance? Our steamed hot dogs are sure to satisfy. We offer a variety of bottled drinks including iced teas, sports drinks and water. And don't forget about everyone's favorite treat — slushies! For adults we offer a variety of canned beers, canned wines and freshly made alcohol sloshies. Please be prepared to show ID to purchase alcohol.

Currently the MovieWorks Cinema is the only cinema in Jackson Hole (or Teton County, Wyoming).

The MovieWorks Cinema is equipped with Dolby® Digital 3D. Each patron is issued a reusable pair of Dolby® glasses that is owned by the MovieWorks. After the show these glasses are collected, washed and sanitized (at least two times). We appreciate that you handle them with care and return them for use by other 3D patrons. Glasses for other 3D systems (like RealD or MasterImagine 3D) will not work properly with the Dolby® 3D system.

To present a 3D motion picture, two images are projected superimposed onto the same screen through different polarizing filters. The viewer wears eyeglasses that also contain a pair of different polarizing filters. Each eye sees a different image as each filter passes only the light that is similarly polarized and blocks the light polarized in the opposite direction. The three-dimensional effect is produced by projecting the same scene into both eyes, but from slightly different perspectives.

Yes. Without the glasses the image will not be in 3D and will appear fuzzy.

3D movies require specialized technology that make them expensive for studios to produce and expensive for cinemas to project. As with any consumer item, these costs are, in part, passed along to you. The surcharge goes to the studios for the added cost of producing 3D movies and to the theaters for the added cost for the equipment to show 3D movies. A small portion of the surcharge goes towards the cost of glasses. The Dolby® glasses provided at the MovieWorks Cinema are the property of the theatre. After each show they are washed and sanitized (at least two times). We appreciate that you handle them with care so that other patrons can enjoy a quality 3D experience.

They must be Dolby® 3D glasses. The polarizing filters in the glasses must match the polarizing filters of the projector. All of our glasses are washed and sanitized (at least two times) in a commercial dishwasher after each use. We do not have extra 3D glasses available for purchase.

Yes, 3D glasses are designed to fit comfortably over prescription glasses.


If you are blind in one eye, and want to see a 3D film, then you will still need to wear a pair of 3D glasses so that your functioning eye can only see one of the projected images – otherwise the picture would look fuzzy. The image will not jump-out of the screen at you giving a true 3D effect. It will look like a regular 2D movie. If you have limited visual impairment in one or both eyes, then you will still see the full 3D effect, as long as you can see the images through both eyes.